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Why Future City?

The United Nations (UN) predicts that nearly all population growth up to 2030 will be in cities, with 96% of this increase occurring in Asia and Africa. By 2040, according to the World Population Review, Nigeria will be approaching a population of over 300 million citizens. This incredible surge in our population demands that we urgently re-evaluate how our cities are designed and built to best meet the needs of future inhabitants.

Welcome to the Future… Welcome to Future City
At Future City, we make city living smarter and more efficient while preserving and improving our planet’s fragile ecosystem through the use of innovation and technology.

A city built with the perfect fusion of nature’s green and mankind's technological know-how.



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Future Farming


Automated Living


Commercial Center


Reusable Water

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Let living go beyond the ordinary with an improved living experience fusing artificial intelligence to make everyday living a fresh experience.


Convenience and comfort is the future of transport

Central A.I software to control urban traffic systems and self public driving vehicles running on advanced algorithm will pick up people in the same direction. With charging ports strategically placed around the city to power vehicles on the go.

EVs & Charging STations

The Future is Electric and the world is better for it.
Enjoy state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging stations with a fast, smooth and efficient charging experience. Electric vehicles and electric charging stations lead to no tailpipe emissions, removing a wide range of air contaminants. The net effect remains a large improvement in air quality.


Renewable Energy

power the green way. live green, power green and save the earth. solar, renewable and everything green energy.



a new town development project by LandWey

Lagoonix is a floating community CSR initiative for the people of Makoko, created in response to the imminent threat posed by pollution and lack of sanitation. The objective is to develop new sustainable habitats for Makoko that use new and green technologies to meet shelter, energy, water, and food needs of the people of Makoko while regenerating marine ecosystems.

Social, recreational, and commercial functions like the Floating Farm and Floating School would be arranged around the neighborhood making it straightforward for residents to navigate the city on foot or using electrically powered boats.


In line with our Build for Change Social Impact Initiative, 1% of every transaction revenue from the Future City
will be channeled towards achieving the Lagoonix Project.

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